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Hypnocoaching is a unique program of ongoing personal support, incorporating the principles of conscious, motivational coaching combined with hypnosis, which is directed at the unconscious. Although Hypnocoaching will focus on a main goal issue (e.g. wellness, relationship, career, life concerns), secondary issues can be explored as needed.

In the state of relaxed hypnotic trance, new and creative options for change can be accessed through the nature of the dynamic unconscious mind, while the conscious mind responds to traditional forms of encouragement and coaching. When both sides of the brain, dominant and non dominant, as well as

both the conscious and unconscious levels of mind are engaged, there is greater potential for solving life challenges in new ways. Accessing the powerful, unconscious mind through hypnosis can remove seeming obstacles, allowing for the most positive outcomes.

What will Hypnocoaching do for me?

Your Hypnocoaching program will be customized to your individual goals. Hypnocoaching is offered through both cognitive, mental exercises and hypnotic exploration and insight. Career Hypnocoaching, for example, is a special program aimed at exploring personal core values, ideals, talents and strengths, and successfully incorporating them into career and life work. Contact with the Hypnocoach by email and/or phone is available to the participant for encouragement, support and reinforcement.

To ensure long term success, participants are taught self-hypnosis and suggestion, and also instructed in proven techniques for “emotional freedom” from issues of concern and for stress relief.

What is the cost for a Hypnocoaching program?

A no cost, initial consultation of approximately 30 minutes is scheduled to discuss your desired goals and to determine if this program is right for you. At that time, a personalized course of action is outlined for the Hypnocoaching contract, and a series of steps is suggested. The contract will be for six (6) additional sessions of approximately 1 hr each including consultation time and hypnosis, conducted in person and scheduled over a 90 day period, not to exceed 120 days. The Hypnocoaching program is $575, payable in installments of $300 on the first session visit and $275 at the third visit.

Is there a written contract for Hypnocoaching?

The contract is by personal agreement. We are certain that your individualized Hypnocoaching program will exceed your expectations. However, if a participant decides not to continue their coaching program, for whatever reason, only charges that have been incurred for the initial consultation, time involved in phone or email coaching, and sessions already conducted will be due.

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