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Deborah H. Smith

Deborah H. Smith, Ph.D., Director
Certified Hypnotherapist
Certified Instructor of Hypnosis

Specialized Certifications:
Spiritual Mentoring and Guidance
Pastoral Care
Complementary Medical Hypnosis
Pain Management
Relationship Coding
Regression Hypnosis


Deborah is an experienced Certified Hypnotherapist (CH) and Certified Instructor of Hypnosis (CI). Her professional affiliation is with the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH). In addition, she has advanced training in Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), and is a certified practitioner of HypnoFertility® and other specialized hypnotic techniques including Complementary Medical Hypnosis, Pain Management, and Regression Hypnosis.

She holds a Ph.D. in Psychology, an M.A. in Transpersonal Studies Psychology, and a B.A. in Education, minor in Psychology. For the completion of requirements for her Master’s Degree, Deborah initiated a research study at the Health & Rejuvenation Center of the Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E. located in Virginia Beach VA, working with clients of various ages and health challenges. In conjunction with healthcare practitioners and physicians, the study examined the “Effects of Hypnosis on Health” and findings strongly confirmed the effectiveness of hypnosis as a beneficial complementary medical adjunct for a broad range of physical symptoms and diagnosed conditions.

An ordained Minister, also Certified in Pastoral Caregiving through the Virginia Institute of Pastoral Care in Richmond, VA, Deborah has served her local faith communities through Board service and Church leadership. In addition, she was the founder and Director of Unity Spirit, a non-profit Center providing pastoral care and spiritual enrichment in Richmond, VA.

Deborah currently lives in Richmond, where she offers hypnotherapy services by appointment promoting Women's Wellness at The Wellness Village at Starling in Westend Richmond. In addition, she serves on faculty at Atlantic University in VA Beach instructing graduate level coursework in transpersonal psychology and regression hypnosis.

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